Actions for EUkraine Now! Citizens and cities for Ukraine in the EU

Until the 23rd of June be part of EUkraine Now! Citizens across Europe joint call for immediate accession of Ukraine to the European Union and citizenship rights to Ukrainians. 

In a few weeks, the European Council will take a position on the request of Ukraine to join the European Union. Now that the European Commission started the technical process of accession and the European Parliament voted a Resolution in favour of this enlargement, the Council meeting can be the most concrete measure to put a stop to the war of aggression waved by Russia against Ukraine, save the life of millions of people and pave the way for a sustainable peace.

The paneuropean citizens and nonviolent movement EUMANS together with the Ukrainian communities connected by the non-governmental organization Promote Ukraine called for the 28th of May at 2.30 PM Local Time for a synchronic demonstration in multiple cities in front of the main buildings to collect signatures on the Appeal EUKRAINE NOW! and to bring a clear message to the Heads of States and Governments ahead of the European Council.

The signatures collected will be delivered to the European Council ahead of the meeting of the 23rd of June in Brussels.

It is possible to already sign the appeal on


- Press Release - Ukraine in the EU, 5.000 signatures collected in one day in 15 European cities 

- Andry Shutka, one of the 28 Ukrainian students, who launched the Eukraine Now appeal was interviewed on the 28th of May in Warsaw by the Ukrainian National Television