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EUMANS Statute - Weekly Meeting at 6 PM CET 24 Feb

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EUMANS Statute - Weekly Meeting at 6 PM CET 24 Feb

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This is an invite to join the next EUMANS Weekly on Thursday 24th of February at 6 PM CET on Zoom. The meeting is always available in Italian and English thanks to our interpreters.

This week we will discuss how a pan-european movement of popular initiative should function and be organised for being an effective instrument of participation for citizens like you. If we want to create a united front of citizens who leverage participatory democracy instruments to achieve significant reforms, we need to make sure our movement is inclusive, effective, and sustainable in itself.

The current Statute of EUMANS was created in 2019 (and amended in 2020) to be able to launch our first initiatives and open the association to new members (actually don’t forget to become a member today to support our initiatives and most importantly to take part in the Congress with full voting rights!).

Now it is time to discuss which changes we want to apply during our first Congress in Warsaw. But also how we can contribute to the advocacy network that is pushing for the creation of the “European Association Statute” in EU regulations.

Together with some activists we have prepared a proposal to innovate the statute. You can find a draft working document here - upon which you can already comment and discuss it on EUMANS Agora.

Drafted in the document, you will find some innovative ideas: such as a sortition-based mechanism of participation open to all EU citizens on a voluntary scheme. This and other ideas will be discussed on Thursday 24th February at 6 PM on Zoom.
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