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Unconditional Basic Income

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Klaus Sambor
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Unconditional Basic Income

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Considerations to Unconditional Basic Income:

A) The ECI UBI is history.
We have not reached our goal - 1 million signatures.


1. We have achieved more ECI signatures than with the first ECI (296,365 versus 274,931) - despite Corona, an unfavorable political situation (Ukraine war), great ignorance of the ECI and no financial support for the ECI from the EU. Many countries have increased signatures see

2. We were successful on the internet platform "Conference on the Future of Europe: "One of the most frequently suggested mechanisms to make Europe more inclusive and socially fair is to guaranteeing an Unconditional Basic Income throughout the EU." (see final report platform, page 44)

3. We have built up a network in which we work together in solidarity and respect. Ronald Blaschke and Klaus Sambor would like to thank everyone who was involved.
Let us continue to fight together for a Europe with an Unconditional Basic Income.

B) What next?

"UBI-European Initiative" (Unconditional Basic Income - European Initiative)

Our goal is to introduce an unconditional basic income in every country in Europe and the world.

An unconditional basic income is a sum of money that is regularly paid unconditionally and universally to all individuals and is high enough to ensure their material existance and participation in society.

The UBI is a step towards an emancipatory welfare system.

Our understanding of cooperation is always based on volunteering, solidarity and respect for each other; both within the framework of the "UBI-European Initiative" and with other bodies and individuals.

As a "UBI-European Initiative", as an independent body, we want to work together and join EUMANS to make the "Unconditional Basic Income" one of the main points supported by EUMANS.