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100 Days to StopGlobalWarming -Let's challenge the world

The European Citizens Initiative for a carbon pricing in the European Union: theory and practice.
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100 Days to StopGlobalWarming -Let's challenge the world

Post by VirginiaFiume »

Dear all, it is official: the deadline for the collection of signatures on the European Citizens Initiative is now the 22nd of April.


At this link, you can find the press release to be shared with any organisation, person, individual who you had been in contact with so far. ... -earth-day

To sort of quote @Marco Cappato: this is really a once in a lifetime opportunity.

These are some stuff we can do:
- reconnect with those who supported the initiative so far to ask for a stronger shared effort
- keep involving municipalities
- join or launch a local committee to collect signatures online and offline (comment below so we can discuss together the best way to do it)

But I suggest we use this thread to launch a bit of brainstorming: what is that type of action that can bring the attention of the European media and public sphere on this big challenge? What else we can dot? To discuss this more thoroughly the invite is also to join the EUMANS weekly meeting every thursday.

So....what's next?
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