The goal is to reach 1 million signatures by 20th July 2020 so that the European Commission must decide whether to take action or not. This could allow the EU up to 180 billion euros for workers tax relief. 

The Coronavirus crisis needs to be an unmissable opportunity to be better prepared for future challenges, starting from one of the most pressing issues facing the planet in coming years: global warming. It’s time to act. For everyone’s sake and that of our own the planet. is the first and only institutional European Citizens' Initiative to tackle climate change. How? Collecting 1 million signatories and making the European Union take position on carbon pricing. 

The concept

The idea behind originated by Marco Cappato, an Italian activist, former MEP, who spent the last 20 years advocating for human rights, civil liberties, AI for citizens and environmental issues, along with Monica Frassoni, former MEP and Chairwoman of the European Greens, and Alberto Majocchi, Professor of Public Finance. 

They turned into action an idea supported by 5000 economists, 11.000 scientists and 27 Nobel laureates: putting a price on carbon and shifting taxation from labour to CO2 emissions accordingly. In this way, revenue from carbon pricing would be used to cut labour taxes and support a low-carbon future. Carbon Pricing would also create new jobs and investment opportunities. Letting greenhouse gas emissions go unchecked means hundred of thousands of deaths every year just in the EU and massive climate change-related costs.

The campaign

The initiative’s goal is to reach 1 million signatories by 20th July 2020 so that the European Commission must decide whether to take action or not. If so, this particular measure could allow the EU up to to 180 billion euros for workers tax relief. 

“” is supported by Eumans and Science For Democracy. promoter Marco Cappato said: “We now find ourselves at a very important crossroads. The Coronavirus crisis could potentially wipe out the progress achieved in the fight against climate change so far, with devastating consequences for our planet. Alternatively, the new awareness of our fragility could lead us to take the necessary steps right now when unprecedented public investment will be put in place. The European Union and the Member States are about to invest thousands of billions of public money to get out of the crisis. It’s time to promote a new model of sustainable development. Taxing CO2 emissions while promoting energy savings and renewable sources is essential to combine the need to relaunch the post-covid economy and the fight against global warming