Democracy, Ecology, Liberty beyond borders - A Paneuropean Government Program proposed to the EU through European Citizens Initiatives

Democracy, Ecology, Liberty beyond borders

A Paneuropean Government Program proposed to the EU through European Citizens Initiatives

[This text had been drafted by Eumans and European Alternatives and it will be the object of discussion of the event our twoorganisations organised in Bologna, Italy on the 4th of February and of the next appointment we are organizing in Gdansk, on the occasion of the Second Eumans Congress] 

The European Union is still the political body best suited to tackle some of the most urgent issues in our societies, where nation states are failing to deliver. Next EU Parliament (2024 - 2029) should become the main force to address climate change, economic inequality, civil and social rights and freedoms, and democracy itself. European elections, usually hijacked by national politics, should become the occasion for a debate on on how Europe can deliver for citizens on their priorities, how European democracy can be remade to ensure greater participation, accountability, and transparency for citizens. The Democracy, Equality, Liberty beyond borders program seeks to shape the elections with a set of fundamental demands generated through citizen involvement and building citizen power. Different instruments of campaigning will be used, including European Citizens Initiatives.

The proposals should be prepared through a consultation process (to be ended in spring 2023 at the II Eumans congress in Gdansk, Poland).

Here are some ideas that could be at the heart of new European Citizens' Initiatives or other types of pan-European campaigns 

 - Climate change: Phasing out fossil fuels through carbon pricing and social compensation

- stopping EU mandatory criminalization of cannabis

- inserting safe abortion in the european Charter of fundamental human rights

- inserting legal euthanasia in the european Charter of fundamental human rights

- creating a humane and effective EU mechanism for asylum seekers and migrants

- establishing universal basic services and income in the EU

- Other issues: science and innovation (genome editing and stem cell research, psychedelics), democracy (EU platform for participation / digital citizenship/ voters without borders), gender/equality and other proposals coming from the Conference on the future of Europe

Each proposal will contain the request of a European citizens assembly by sortition on each issue and as a permanent EU institution.

Everybody, individuals and organisations, will be free to take part in the overall campaign or support only some of these initiatives, and eventually use them for campaigning in the next european elections. . Eumans, European Alternatives, and other partners of Citizens Take Over Europe could propose them also to political parties as part of a citizens’ manifesto in advance of the elections. 

In a second stage of the project, participants and organisations in the program may consider presenting electoral lists themselves in different countries and / or supporting other lists and parties for 2024 European elections, in case they concretely pursue these proposals. We envisage the evaluation about whether this should happen, under what conditions and what resources would be necessary would need to be made as early as March 2022