EUMANS: to be part of the change, for democracy and sustainability. Meeting "towards the pan-European movement".

On 2 September 2021 from 18.00 to 19.30 CET we meet in Italian and English to bring together the Italian and European activists of EUMANS and discuss together the paths we can undertake together in Italy and in Europe. The meeting will take place on Zoom at this link

When: 2 September
Hours: 6 PM - 7.30 PM CET
Where: Zoom
Languages: Italian / English (with interpreters)

By repeating that "democracy is not exported with weapons", only one aspect of the Afghan disaster is captured. In Tunisia, for example, the liberation from the dictatorship ten years ago came by the Tunisians themselves, without the need for armies. Yet neither Italy nor the European Union have managed to favor the consolidation of the rule of law.

The Tunisian "democratic failure", like the Hungarian and Polish ones within the EU, are proof that our Western democratic systems do not live up to the expectations of public opinion in responding to the problems of our time.

But what happened in Italy also starting from the activism story of Marco Cappato, founder of EUMANS and protagonist of the mobilization for the Legal Euthanasia referendum that also arrived on the pages of Politico crowns a 15-year path of reforms for the law more "scandalous", the one to decide on one's own life. A campaign that involved over 12,000 volunteers and that in the silence of information (at least until it was no longer possible to keep silent) made it possible to collect over 800,000 signatures (of which 500,000 are paper-based at the tables and thanks to the reform - always supported by EUMANS and launched by the judicial actions undertaken in the United Nations by Mario Staderini - which now makes it possible to digitally sign referendums in Italy) to allow Italian citizens to go and vote to ask the State what the State does not managed to give because of party interests.

In the hottest summer in history, which forces us to continue to reflect on how to stop climate change quickly, thousands of citizens have put their bodies at the disposal of the official signature collection for the holding of a referendum in Italy on a law which Parliament was unable to discuss.

With "Eumans - citizens for democracy and sustainability" we have identified civic participation as a fundamental tool for achieving change, going beyond the predominantly national and short-term dimension of electoral democracy and the parties that are protagonists of it.

The meeting on 2 September will allow for a debate on the new registration campaign, on the EUMANS Assembly on 23 September and on the Congress in Warsaw next spring.

The meeting will take place in Italian and English and will have six introductory speeches lasting three minutes and will then be open to discussion between the participants.

  • Participatory Democracy: between “petitionism” and the rule of law
  • How we arrived at the Digital Signature in Italy and what scenarios open up for participatory democracy
  • Politicians Per Case: the democratic revolution of the Assemblies of Citizens drawn by lot starting from the climate emergency
  • How a European Citizens' Initiative for ecological and economic sustainability is transformed into a global proposal
  • The extraordinary mobilization for the Legal Euthanasia Referendum: a 15 years and 3 months long history and its European perspective
  • Legalizing cannabis with participatory democracy
  • Between the reform of the European Citizens' Initiatives and the Conference on the Future of Europe