Eumans' European Citizens' Initiatives (ECIs) for 2024

Eumans is working on a set of European Citizens' Initiatives (ECIs) to be launched in springtime 2024. The ECI is the main instrument for activating direct democracy in the EU. Through the collection of one million signatures in seven countries, proposals can be submitted to the European Commission and the European Parliament, which will be required to implement the submitted proposals in European legislation or to justify why they do not take these measures into account.

Here are the main European Citizens' Initiatives Eumans is working on:

  • phasing out fossil fuels through carbon pricing and social compensation (DRAFT TEXT)
  • stopping EU mandatory criminalization of cannabis (DRAFT TEXT)
  • enforcing an EU legislation on the right to die (DRAFT TEXT)
  • creating a European civic artificial intelligence (DRAFT TEXT)
  • introducing medical use of psychedelics in the European Union (HERE'S THE INITIATIVES' WEBSITE)*


Petitions and open letters
We have drafted some preparatory texts (petitions to be submitted to the European Parliament or open letters) to "warm up the engines" in view of the campaigns on European Citizens Initiatives (ECI), in a way to build stronger partnership among other European organizations and personalities.

Find above the full list:

The issues of abortion and intensive farming are not included in the ECIs set at the moment, but still considered for the submission of a petition.

Please write to if you are interested in a specific topic and would like to join the ECI working group.

*= these two initiatives are promoted by broader coalitions of which Eumans is a member: the Psychedelicare coalition on the psychedelics initiative, and the Citizens Take Over Europe coalition on the democracy initiative