European Living Will - Public Meeting towards Warsaw 2022

Time for a European Living Will!
Freedom of movement for EU Citizens should go hand in hand with individual freedoms.

Join us Thurs 13th of January from 6.00 PM to 7.30 PM CET - You can register at the following link (in Italian and English)

Following an incredible summer of participation, we supported the referendum EutanaSiaLegale for the Right to Die in Italy and we believe that this freedom should be given to all European Citizens: that's why together we developed the proposal for a European Living Will and on the 13th of January we will discuss it with other activists from all over the EU.

Our fight for Democracy and Sustainability moves to Warsaw for our 1st EUMANS Congress where we will bring forth citizens' proposals and activate participatory democracy instruments across Europe.

Read now the briefing proposal for a European Living Will