EUMANS are citizens who decide to act together for democracy and sustainability through the activation of instruments of participatory democracy, direct action and nonviolent initiative.

All our conversations are visible on EUMANS Agorà and our meetings are public.

You can always take part in all the ongoing initiatives, organise new initiatives and share the actions you are working on with other EUMANS.

Our community is held together by an Activation Agreement (that we wrote together and we review periodically).

Subscribing the Activation Agreement you can take part in all the conversations on EUMANS Agorà.


This is a quick guide to all our channels.


Create your profile and meet other EUMANS, take part in conversations, preparation of initiatives, and coordination of new actions. You can also discuss EUMANS Statute and have your say in the creation of the paneuropean Movement of popular initiative. If you register on EUMANS Agorà you can also receive all the updates about upcoming meetings, the calendar of initiatives, and other updates on our actions. Join now.


The EUMANS updates in your pocket. On the EUMANS Slack channel you can receive in one-mobile-app all the updates and engage in quick chats with other EUMANS on specific projects. You will receive the invite to join the Slack channel a few days after the registration on EUMANS Agorà.


Our activists are working on new instruments for citizens participation and collaboration. We are currently working on a EUMANS WIKI to collaborate on documents and materials. And preparing our newsletter. Our goal is to create a single sign on system, so that with one login you can access the all EUMANS ecosystem.

If you want to share your expertise and help us to build our instruments contact Virginia Fiume (EUMANS Coordinator

And of course, you can always decide to become a EUMANS Member and take part in the Members’ General Assembly to discuss the Statute and prepare the 2021 EUMANS Constituent Assembly.