IDEAS - Palermo (Italy) is the first city council to stand with European citizens for carbon pricing

Palermo Call Europe!

Palermo City Council voted in favour of a local motion against global warming promoted by the European Citizens Initiative

The city council of Palermo has unanimously approved the Motion* against climate change proposed by the There are Rights! Committee and forwarded to the European Commission. 

On this political act Marco Cappato, promoter of the appeal for the collection of one million signatures throughout Europe has declared:

Carbon Pricing #EU2020de: Merkel's plan meets European Citizens Initiative

On Wednesday, 7th of July 2020, Angela Merkel presented German Presidency priorities to the European Parliament. The plan includes references to the role of the European Union in facing the climate crisis, also through the introduction of a carbon pricing policy. 

Marco Cappato, Founder of Eumans and promoter of commented: 

#EuCanDoIt: first success after the public hearing on the petition to the European Parliament on COVID19

Today, it is a great day to celebrate how citizens can impact the European Union politics. 

On April 30th 2020, after efforts to have an urgency procedure activated, Virginia Fiume (Eumans coordinator) presented in front of the PETI Committee of the European Parliament the petition to the EP calling for a European response to the COVID19 social, economic and health crisis - #EuCanDoIt.


On the 30th of April 2020 the Petition to the European Parliament EU CAN DO IT will be presented in front of the Petition Committee. A group of mayors of European citizes, led by Leoluca Orlando, Mayor of Palermo (Italy) is gathering to support the request for a joint reply of the European Union to address covid19, social, economic, and climate crises. 

We, the undersigned,