European citizens action can empower the European Summit

Over 40,000 citizens, mayors, former Commissioners and civil society united for the rule of law and a green recovery through the European Citizens Initiative and EU CAN DO IT Petition to the European Parliament. 

On the 17th and 18th of July European leaders will meet in a crucial European Summit to discuss the recovery plan to respond to the Covid19 crisis and a new long term budget. Among the issues at stake there are some of the most controversial points of reform for the European Union, such as rule of law conditionality and the transition towards a green and sustainable economy. Over 40,000 thousands citizens, civil society organisations and
European Mayors (Palermo, Krakow, Toulouse, Cluj-Napoca, Valencia, Dortmund…) already tabled proposals on this matters through participatory democracy instruments: the official Petition to the EP EU CAN DO IT and the European Citizens Initiative - it is a unique opportunity for the European Institutions to take stock of civic participation to strengthen their position to overcome the resistances of individual Member States.

Marco Cappato, former MEP and founder of the citizens movement Eumans, says:
Cracks between different Member States risk to hold back some innovative proposals on the table, such as the increase of funding in the health sector, the conditionality of the funding to the respect of the rule of law and European values and the proposals for the expansion of carbon pricing to cover all sectors and the introduction of a moderate minimum carbon price within the context of the European emissions trading system (EU ETS)

These topics are covered within two official participatory democracy instruments.
The EU CAN DO IT Petition calls on EU institutions for a common EU response to the Covid19 crisis, demanding reforms of the EU healthcare system and civic protection instruments, the establishment of EU own resources and mutualization of public debts according to a radical ecological reform of European taxation. The petition is currently on the table of the AFCO Committee in the European Parliament. 

The European Citizens Initiative, which aims to collect 1 million signatures for a harmonized carbon pricing policy in the EU.

These proposals had been already supported by two former European Commissioners (Violeta Bulc - Transport and Vytanis Andioukaitis - Health and Food Safety), academics, many grassroots movements, civil society organisations, and celebrities. Over 40,000 European Citizens already signed the proposals and an increasing network is growing.