Citizens Summit - Democracy, Ecology and Liberty beyond borders

Info and materials of the event in Gdansk, Poland

From the 17th through the 19th of March, 2023, Eumans and European Alternatives organised the "Citizens Summit: Democracy, Ecology and Liberty beyond borders: for a pan-European government program" in Gdansk, Poland.

Together with the General Motion of the Eumans Congress, the event saw the emergence of the Declaration of the Citizens Summit and of a future prospect for the whole movement. 


After three days of discussions, the Citizens’ Summit invites everyone to become part of the exploratory Committee of the pan-European government plan coordinated by Eumans and European Alternatives. 

Individuals and/or organizations are invited to express their interest or support for the comprehensive reform plan and/or for one or selected European Citizens Initiatives and contribute to the comprehensive strategy, campaigning programming and fundraising activities. 

The Citizens’ Summit urges its supporters to share the outcome of the event in Gdansk with the list of initiatives. The aim is to strengthen and/or expand existing networks to collaborate towards the preparation and collection of signatures on one or more European Citizens Initiatives, or to pursue the same goals enshrined in the initiatives via other activities. 

If you or your organisation are interested in joining one or more committees for the European Citizens Initiatives, send an email to


  • A campaign to strengthen European Democracy starting from the follow-up to the 'Conference on the Future of Europe: European Digital identity, a permanent European Citizens Assembly, transnational lists and other forms of transnational civic participation'.
  • European fair climate policy to exit fossil fuel by 2035. 
  • A human rights-centred approach to Cannabis Regulation: click here for the DRAFT of an ECI on Cannabis Legislation. 
  • Include Safe Abortion in the European Charter of fundamental human rights.
  • Include Voluntary Assisted Dying in the European Charter of fundamental human rights: click here for the DRAFT of an ECI on the Right to Die.
  • Create a humane and effective EU Mechanism for Asylum Seekers and Migrants aligned with the obligation of international law. Read the letter written by Eumans, European Alternatives, Natura Comune and the European Movement. Discover the two ECIs on migration - Discover the two ongoing European Citizens Initiative on migration: Ensuring a dignified reception of migrants in Europe - Stop Border Violence
  • Launch a system for Universal Basic Services and Income in the EU: click here to read the ECI proposed by Unconditional Basic Income European Initiative network.



DAY 1 - Friday 17th March, 2023 

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DAY 2 - Saturday 18th March, 2023 

Rewatch the full video of the second day

Rewatch the video of the Transnational Assembly on Feminist Solidarity.

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DAY 3 - Sunday 19th March, 2023 

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Theo Giubilei, presentation of the European citizens initiative on Psychdedelics for Mental Health.
Klaus Sambor, Unconditional Basic Income.
Valerija Korosec, Building a new paradigm, a new cognitive system through persistent & permanent social innovation.
Abortion Dream Team, Speech at the trial by Justyna Wydrzyńska.
Remi Bak, Presentation of the European Parliamentary Forum for Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Abortion Atlas.



DAY 1 - Friday 17th March, 2023

13.30  Registration

14.00 - 16.00 Opening Session of the Citizens Summit. Chaired by Marco Cappato (Eumans Co-president) and Ophélie Masson (European Alternatives Project Coordinator and Co-Coordinator Citizens Take Over Europe). 

- Monika Frackowiak, Iustitia (Association of Polish Judges) representative in MEDEL. 
- Marta Lempart, All Poland Women Strike
- Lorenzo Marsili, co-founder European Alternatives.
- Sofia Ingrid Viviani, Young European Federalists
- Saga Smith, Science for Democracy reads the Trial Statement by Justyna Wydrzynska, Abortion Dream Team.

16.00 - 16.20 - Coffee Break 

16.20 - 17.15 Introduction to the Eumans Congress. Remarks by Virginia Fiume, Eumans Co-president, and presentation and voting on Order of the Works and Rules of Procedure and General Debate.

17.30 - 18.30  Connecting Insurgent European Activists. Presentation of Pan-european Government proposals through European Citizens Initiatives and democratic and nonviolent political underpinnings. 

- Michele Fiorillo, Citizens Take Over Europe.
- Martina Rubino, ECIT Foundation and Make European Citizens Initiative. 
- Andrea Salimbeni, Energy Engineer and coordinator of Climate Initiative with Eumans. 
- Filomena Gallo, Secretary General Associazione Luca Coscioni.
- Klaus Sambor, Coordinator Unconditional Basic Income European Citizens Initiative.
- Magdalena Dąbkowska, Drug Policy Coordinator Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and Eumans Board Member. 
- Theo Giubilei, European Citizens Initiative PsychedeliCare European Initiative.
- Georg Wurth, German Cannabis Association.
- Saga Smith, Project Office Science for democracy
- Francesco Cibati, Stop Border Violence European Citizens Initiative.
- Stephanie Poppe, Senior Municipality Advisor Europe Municipality of Rennes and coordinator of the European Citizens Initiative 'Ensuring a dignified reception of migrants in Europe'.
- Letizia Valentina Lo Giudice, EUMANS co-facilitator of the intiatives for Migraiton Policy in Europe.

DAY 2 - Saturday 18th March, 2023 

10.00 - 11.15 - Democracy and Citizenship: a popular strategy to follow up to the Conference on the Future of Europe. Facilitated by Paul Blokker (Professor of Sociology University of Bologna, member of Citizens Take Over Europe), Michele Fiorillo (Citizens Take Over Europe), Lorenzo Mineo (Coordinator of EUMANS Initiative for Democracy and Politici Per Caso Coalition), Virginia Fiume (Eumans Co-president).

11.15 - 11.30 - Coffee Break 

11.30 - 13.15 Pan-european Government Proposals through European Citizens Initiatives: Climate; Migration, European welfare (universal basic income and services) Right to Science. Facilitated by Lorenzo Marsili (co-founder European Alternatives) and Sofia Ingrid Viviani (Young European Federalist and Eumans Policy and Advocacy Officer).

- Francesca Romana D'Antuono, co-president of Volt Europe.
- Michele Fiorillo, Natura Comune board member. 
- Alessandro Talese, Stop Border Violence
- Klaus Sambor, Unconditional Basic Income ECI.
- Andrea Salimbeni, Eumans Climate.


[Special Session] 11.00 - 14.00 Trust Without Borders workshop, organised by European Alternatives.


13.15 - 14.15 - Lunch Break 

14.15 - 15.30 Pan-european Government Proposals through European Citizens Initiatives on civil liberties: cannabis and psychedelics, end-of-life decisions, abortion. Facilitated by Marco Perduca and Saga Smith (Projects Officer Science for Democracy).

- Remi Bak, Program Coordinator for Europe at European Parliamentary Forum for Sexual and Reproductive Rights (EPF)
- Mirella Parachini, Gynecologist and Vice-Secretary Associazione Luca Coscioni
- Georg Wurth, German Cannabis Association.
- Theo Giubilei, Coordinator European Citizens Initiative PsychedeliCare.
- Magdalena Dąbkowska, Drug Policy Coordinator Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and Eumans Board Member. 
- Anna Prus, Abortion Dream Team

15.30 - 15.45 – Coffee Beak 

15.45 - 16.55 Eumans Congress: General Debate for members and activists on Goals, Organisation, Statute.

17-20 - EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL WOMEN*: NO MATTER WHERE WE COME FROM OR GO TO! – Transnational Assembly of Feminist Solidarity curated by European Alternatives.

Rewatch the Transnational Assembly on Feminist Solidarity 


DAY 3 - Sunday 19th March, 2023 


10.00 - 11.00  The way ahead towards European elections

- Marco Cappato, Eumans Co-president. 
- Niccolò Milanese, European Alternatives Director and Citizens Take Over Europe Coordinator. 
- Antonio Argenziano, President JEF Europe.
- Valerija Korosec, Responsible of the Unconditional Basic Income ECI in Slovenia.
- Marco Perduca, coordinator of international activities at Associazione Luca Coscioni and Science for Democracy.

11.00 - 11.15 Coffee Break 

11.15 - 13.00 EUMANS Congress: final debate and decisions. 




In less than a year, the European Elections will take pace, leading to the nomination of a new European Commission. The months ahead will give us a unique opportunity to put on the EU agenda radical reforms for democracy, sustainability, civil and social rights.

For this scope, a coordinated nonviolent and popular mobilization is needed. Let's meet in person!

European Alternatives and Eumans invite you to to the 'Citizens summit Democracy, Ecology and Liberty beyond borders: for a pan-European Government Program' in Gdansk, Poland, from 17th to 19th March, 2023.

The meeting will let us decide concrete articulated proposals stemming from the recommendations of the Conference on the Future of Europe, to be pursued through European Citizens Initiatives, popular assemblies and other participatory and institutional ways. 

Poland holds a crucial role in Europe because of its challenges to the Rule of Law. This country, despite its government's repeated violations of fundamental rights, has a vibrant civil society with several proposals to address vital aspects of liberal-democracies and the ascertainment of individual rights. The Polish national elections, Polands’ key role in Europe’s response to the war and its relationship with Ukraine are only a few additional reasons why we believe Gdansk is the place! 

Below, we are happy to share some of the issues currently discussed in an open participatory process that started in Bologna, Italy on 4th February, 2023, and that will end in Gdansk.

Any individual or organization is invited to join the campaign or support some of these initiatives. They may also be used for campaigning in the next European elections.