Junior Digital Content Manager - Bruxelles

Junior Digital Content Manager

EUMANS - in collaboration with its partner organization Science for democracy - is currently expanding its office in Bruxelles.
We are currently looking for our first Junior Digital Content Manager.

What is EUMANS EUMANS is a paneuropean movement of popular and nonviolent initiative which activates participatory democracy instruments to pursue a more democratic, free and sustainable Europe.  Launched in 2019 by the Italian political activist Marco Cappato, EUMANS focused on the activation of participatory democracy instruments (starting from the European Citizens Initiative) to pursue political change without running for elections.

Our key areas of actions are (but are not limited to): Civil Rights and Individual Freedoms, Democracy and Rule of Law, Environmental and Sustainability Reforms.

EUMANS is part of a network of organisations together with the Italian Associazione Luca Coscioni per la Libertá di Ricerca Scientifica and Science for Democracy.

Why joining EUMANS
EUMANS is the best place in Bruxelles to live and breathe political action carried on through participatory democracy instruments, direct action and civil disobedience. You will work alongside experts, academics, former MEPs and MPs, law practitioners, and like-minded activists who work every day with  passion to make sure that their actions have a strong and concrete impact.

If you are interested in politics, policy and - most importantly - in the democratic evolution of Global and European institutions EUMANS and its partner organization Science for Democracy are unique organizations where you can expand or consolidate your policy and political skills, and find an environment where critical thinking, proactiveness, and scientific and humanistic approaches can coexist and trigger changes.

Your responsibilities and the type of experience working with EUMANS
You will work on projects related to increasing the information and public awareness on the initiatives promoted by the paneuropean movement of popular initiative EUMANS and its partner organization Science for Democracy, as well as engaging with the community of activists and volunteers to maximize their creative input on new forms of communication and community engagement.

In particular:

- Monitoring the trends and news related to the European public sphere and EU institutions to make sure that the content produced is relevant and engaging for citizens interested in paneuropean politics
- Develop and deploy the social media strategy in collaboration with the management team and the community of activists
- Contribute to the creation of website content, articles, newsletter and other content items and make sure that the content on the websites of EUMANS and Science for Democracy is always up to date
- Support the editorial and production process behind podcasts and webinars;
- Digital PR and dissemination of content in existing online communities, media, and platforms where the topics of our actions are covered;
- Produce visual content or collaborate to the conception of visual content with graphic designers
- Reports and Analytics

Skills and “nice to have” (or skills you are willing to learn)

- Knowledge of G-Suite
- Essential Knowledge of Canva 
- Familiarity with online meeting technologies (Zoom) and live streaming tools (i.e. Streamyard)

You will work in Bruxelles from our office located at SECO - Salon of European Civic Organizations. We offer flexibility in terms of smart working.
Working hours are from 10.00 to 18.00 - however once a week you will be asked to attend the evening’s meeting with EUMANS volunteers and activists.

The team
You will work alongside the co-president of EUMANS in Brussels and you will collaborate with other colleagues based in Rome and Milano, Italy.  Our team is highly collaborative so you will engage with all the staff members: strategic leadership, logistics and operations, legal team, policy team, and network of activists and experts.

Our office is based in Rue d’Arlon, 53 - within the context of SECO - Salon of European Civic Organisations. Both EUMANS and Science for Democracy are part of transnational coalitions and networks


You will need excellent proficiency in English (ideally native)
Knowledge of Italian is a plus

Length of the contract

We offer a full time contract for an entry level compensation to be confirmed during the interview and starting as soon as possible

This is an entry level role for someone who had previous internships in digital journalism or social media campaigning, ideally in an international environment.

We also accept the application of freelancers.

How to apply
- Write us a 10-lines cover letter where you explain to us why you would like to join our team
- Share with us your view on why participatory democracy is a fundamental integration of European democracy as opposed to exclusive participation in elections
- Send us your CV, your portfolio or “best of”, and your cover letter to info@eumans.eu