Eumans supports the dissemination of 'Food For Profit', the recent documentary by Giulia Innocenzi, an unprecedented investigation into intensive farming in Europe. As a pan-European grassroots movement, we are available to organize signature collection tables for the STOP SUBSIDING INTENSIVE FARMS petition, connected to the film’s goals.

If you wish to get involved, here's what you need to do to organize a table or simple leafleting in your city, on the occasion of the upcoming screenings:

  1. Check the ‘Food For Profit’ calendar to see when a screening is scheduled.
  2. Contact the cinema to inform them that you will host a signature collection table on behalf of Eumans during the screening, in agreement with the producers and the 'Food For Profit' team.
  3. Write to or reply directly to this email address to confirm the table is confirmed, so that we can advertise it on our channels.

If you encounter any issues with the cinema, please report them to and, and we will intervene. In the slideshow, you can find the QR code and the Eumans logo that you can print and use for signature collection.