9th May - Citizens Take Over Europe - Everything you need to know

5 May 2020 - “Citizens Take Over Europe” kicks off on the 9th of May presenting a jointly curated ‘online transnational festival’ where different organisations and artistic institutions organise events open to citizens’ active participation. A rich program of online events will be organised by hundreds of organisations, grassroots activists and citizens from all over Europe, with the participation of internationally-acclaimed political thinkers, artists, philosophers, writers, activists, citizens and residents. 

Some of the confirmed speakers are Adam Tooze (historian), Sasha Waltz (choreographer and dancer), Ulrike Guérot and Kalypso Nicolaidis (political thinkers), Timothy Garton Ash (historian), Milo Rau (theater director), Zoe Williams (The Guardian), A.C. Grayling (philosopher), Agnieszka Holland (filmmaker) Paul Dujardin (Directeur general of the Palais des Beaux Arts), Cynthia Fleury and Markus Gabriel (philosophers), Tilo Jung (journalist) among many others. 

The online festival on the 9th of May is the public launch of the “Citizens Take Over Europe” initiative, and a call to join forces for citizens and civil society organisations from across Europe. “The 9th of May will be the beginning of a long-term process: it is a call to join us in developing leadership from the bottom up, and to organise ourselves - citizens and civil society organisations - by means of our very own  Citizens’ Conference in order to shape the Europe we want and we need”. 

We are a coalition of European civil society organisations from across the EU that puts citizens at the centre of the debate on our future, on the reshaping of our society and our common European project, to set out how we can recover from this health, social, economic and political crisis through solidarity and cooperation. No single State will save itself from a catastrophe of the Covid19 Crisis if it will not act together with the others in cooperation to move towards a stronger Union. We believe that this is something that European citizens are everyday more aware of. And we are sure that Europe will change and become more democratic, free and equal, also through the bottom-up process we are inviting everyone to join.”

More information and full program on citizenstakeover.eu 



h 13.00 – 14.00: EU CAN DO IT! How a Petition can shape the future of Europe

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Sergi CAMPILLODeputy Mayor of the City of Valencia and Councilor of the Area of Urban Ecology, Climate Emergency and Energy Transition;

Iga KAMOCKAPolish Robert Schuman Foundation;

Marco CAPPATO, Civil rights activist, Founder of Eumans, promoter of stopglobalwarming.eu;

Marco PERDUCACoordinator di Science for Democracy;

Virginia FIUMECoordinator Eumans;

Enea EMILIANIMayor of Sant’Agata sul Santerno;

Rui MOREIRAMayor of Porto

 h 18.00 – 19.00: StopGlobalwarming.eu – European citizens for a green new social deal 

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Marco CAPPATOCivil rights activist, Founder of Eumans, promoter of stopglobalwarming.eu;

Monica FRASSONIco-promoter of the European Citizens Initiative stopglobalwarming.eu

Jan VALENDINTeaching and Research Associate Vienna University of Economics and Business;

Violeta BULC, evangelist for eco-civilisation and Former EU Commissioner Transport  

Giuseppe GREZZICouncilor of the Area of Sustainable Mobility and Public Space of the València City Council ;

 h 18.00 – 19.00: How to design a European citizens assembly

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con Yves DEJAEGHERE, Jonathan MOSKOVIC, Magalie PLVOIE, Maarten DE GROOT and Daniela VANCIC. Introdotti da Michele FIORILLO e Lorenzo MINEO.

 h 19.30 – 20.00: Closing Session of Citizen Take over Europe - with Marco Cappato  (Qui per partecipare al Webinar)