All lives matter - A letter to Melinda Abdullah, Black Lives Matter activist in LA to invite her to join the Council on Participatory Democracy

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This letter was sent to Melinda Abdullah, leader of the Los Angeles Chapter of Black Lives Matter, by Virginia Fiume, coordinator of Eumans on the 27th of May. 

Dear Melinda,

I am writing you to invite you to the 3rd Meeting of the Council On Participatory Democracy today, 28th of May 2020.

I know you will read this email super late. I sent you a tweet as soon as I learned about your work in LA on Internazionale 'spiece about Black Lives Matter. But it was already late night here in the heart of Europe, in Bruxelles.

I was reading an article about the homicide of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and I was oscillating towards the vortex of the dismantle of hopes.

How a person can die in the middle of the street because another man is holding down his neck with a knee.
It hurts. It makes me feel like I am choking.

It makes me think that even though Black Lives do Matter, there is something impossible to win here. Full justice. Full equality.

However, towards the end, the article mentioned Black Lives Matter - that is how some members of your movement's local chapters started to work on local level initiatives. And then I saw your recent video about the campaign on budget allocation in LA.

I felt so connected to you. And it felt just right to invite you to a gathering that the movement that I coordinate in Europe, Eumans!, together with some other organisations, will be running online today, the 28th of May from 3 to 6 PM CET.

It's called the 3rd Meeting of the Council on Participatory Democracy. We gather once a week every Thursday, and once a month we run a larger meeting where we discuss together with citizens, activists, politicians, practitioners of all forms of democratic action, on finding new and better ways to use the existing institutions and instruments of participatory democracy to channel our desire for a better world into a struggle that may transform the laws and the rules for the better.

On Thursday we will discuss in a  "Political Hackathon for Sustainability" how certain local instruments of citizens' participation could be triggered, especially now that Covid19 has revealed the many weaknesses of the societies that we live in.  For sure it didn't improve what was already wrong before: violence and injustice.

I know it is late. But I really hope that you will connect with us to share your story, your actions, and maybe some ideas. Like talking about the Citizens’ Assemblies.

It might be worth our times. For you and for us.

Because at the end of the day, all lives matter. And we should make change happen together.

I hope to hear back from you, 
Best regards, 

Virginia Fiume 
Coordinator of Eumans