Carbon Pricing #EU2020de: Merkel's plan meets European Citizens Initiative

On Wednesday, 7th of July 2020, Angela Merkel presented German Presidency priorities to the European Parliament. The plan includes references to the role of the European Union in facing the climate crisis, also through the introduction of a carbon pricing policy. 

Marco Cappato, Founder of Eumans and promoter of commented: 

We welcome the fact that the Germany’s Council Presidency decided to raise the issue of the most important tool to fight climate change: "carbon pricing"! The Presidency, indeed, "wants to discuss the expansion of carbon pricing to cover all sectors and the introduction of a moderate minimum carbon price within the context of the European emissions trading system (EU ETS)". The proposal goes in the same direction of the European Citizens Initiative "StopGlobalWarming.Eu", asking to put a price on carbon and shifting taxation from labour to CO2 emissions. 

If one million citizens from at least 7 countries sign the ECI StopGlobalWarming.Eu, the Germany's Council Presidency will be in a much stronger position to overcome obstacles and resistances already prepared by some Member State Governments. We urge each and every organisation -NGOs, political parties, companies- wanting to fight climate change to endorse the proposal and to participate in the collection of signatures.

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