The Conference on the Future of Europe arrives in Florence - And citizens ask for more democracy!

Italy will host one of the steps of the Conference on the Future of Europe on 10, 11, and 12 December in Florence. 

The European citizens' movement EUMANS, founded by the political activist Marco Cappato, and representatives of the Citizens Take Over Europe coalition, including more than 50 European civil society organisations, will accompany the work of the inter-institutional appointment, which also foresees the participation of citizens drawn by lot, with a series of meetings and actions to ask for the institutionalisation of a Permanent European Assembly through the XXXX Manifesto and in support of the italian bill of popular initiative “Cittadin3 per il Clima”, promoted by EUMANS and Politici Per Caso for the convocation of a first Assembly of Citizens Drawn by Lot in Italy, starting from the climate emergency. (Link European Manifesto and Link Cittadin3 for the Climate)

Statement by Marco Cappato, President of EUMANS and Citizens Take Over Europe coalition and Lorenzo Mineo, Politici Per Caso Committee

"With the Conference on the Future of Europe, the European Union is proving the importance of investing in citizens' participation to reform its policies, despite the weakness of not having foreseen a clear outcome to the indications that will come from this consultation. Together with the Citizens Take Over Europe coalition, we will participate as observers and democracy activists in the COFOE step at the European University Institute. While recognising the European Union's ambition for democratic innovation, we will organise appointments and direct actions to promote and strengthen this instrument, in Italy and in Europe. Citizens' Assemblies must also be taken seriously at national level: with the popular bill "Cittadin3 per il Clima" we call for the establishment in Italy of civic assemblies drawn by lot, informed by experts to deliberate on the problems of our time that electoral politics has proved unable to address. One of them all: the climate emergency.

Statement by Niccolo Milanese, European Alternatives and Citizens Take Over Europe

Across the democratic world, new experiments in citizen participation in politics are happening: from the brand new Paris citizens assembly to the Bogota itinerant citizens assembly, to participative budgeting and new forms of petition. The crucial questions about any new form of political expression are: who is being empowered by these new forms of democratic expression, who is in the driving seat, and what impact do they have on decisions that are taken. At Citizens Take Over Europe we want to ensure that democratic innovation serves to give more voice to those people currently excluded, ignored or disempowered by politics, that citizens themselves lead the design of new forms of participation, and that citizens assemblies, petitions and deliberations are not just PR stunts but lead to real changes. The European Union has a chance to do something unprecedented in the world: to create meaningful citizen participation in politics across borders. But in order to achieve this, it needs to learn from best practices and from expertise, but above all it needs to listen to and trust in the people living in Europe about the ways they want to be involved.


Actions Planned in Florence

Thursday 9 December
h. 4 PM - 6 PM
EUI Forum on Democratic Participation and future of Europe (with the participation of Citizens Take Over Europe representatives)

Saturday 11 December
h. 7.00 PM - 9 PM
Le Murate Caffe Letterario - Piazza delle Murate - Firenze
The collection point for “Cittadin3 per il Clima” - Bill of popular initiative for an Italian citizens assembly on the climate emergency and promotion of the European Citizens Assembly Manifesto

Sunday 12 December
h. 3.30 PM
Le Murate Caffe Letterario - Piazza delle Murate - Firenze
Gathering of citizens & activists working on the Conference on the Future of Europe.

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EUMANS Contact: Lorenzo Mineo: +393208051037 
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