Art. 1 - Name and Location


The association called “EUMANS” is hereby established with headquarters in Via San Basilio 64, Rome, Italy.


Art. 2 - Purpose

EUMANS, as a pan-European Movement of popular and nonviolent initiatives, has among its objectives the defense of human rights and fundamental freedoms, the affirmation of the rule of law and democracy, the protection, conservation and restoration of the ecosystem and sustainable development as well as the promotion of science-based debates and institutional decisions. 


Art. 3 - Members

A member is whoever signs the Activation Agreement and pays the annual membership fees established by the Assembly.


Art. 4 - Instruments
Instruments of the Association are: the two Presidents, the Assembly of members and the “Eumans Citizens’ Assembly”.

Art 5 - Administrative Board

Presidents nominate jointly ten members of the Administrative Board, with a care for inclusion, within 20 days after their election.
The administrative board gives operational support to the mandate of the Presidents.


Art. 6 - Assembly of Members and Annual Congress

The Assembly of members is composed by Eumans Members.
It holds an annual Congress to elect jointly the two Presidents - with a care for inclusion - approves the budget, the membership fee, and an annual motion on Eumans political priorities and initiatives.
Modifications  of the Statute are approved with a two third majority vote.

The Assembly of members is held every three months to discuss and assess the progress on the annual motion and/or discuss pressing or new issues.

Art. 7 - Presidents

The Presidents are the political and financial managers of the Association.
Both take the necessary initiatives to achieve the Association's objectives.

The election of the President is based on a “ticket format”: their candidacy is presented in pairs.The name of the first President appearing on the ticket corresponds to the co-President with ultimate legal and political responsibility for the Movement, the name of the second President to the one with economic and financial responsibility.


Art 8 EUMANS Sortition Based Citizens’ Assembly 

The EUMANS Citizens' Assemblies are constituted at the Presidents’ initiative.

The role of the EUMANS Citizens Assembly is to propose actions and initiatives to the Movement, in the framework of the annual motion.

The composition of the Assembly is based by a proper registry defined by the Presidents and open to volunteer candidates, according to the best international practices of Citizens Assemblies by sortition.

EUMANS Citizens' Assemblies are governed by their own rules and regulations, that must recognize and adhere to the Statute of the EUMANS Movement.




Art 9 EUMANS Groups




EUMANS GROUPS may be formed by a minimum of five EUMANS members, with a care for inclusion.

They can have a territorial or thematic nature.

After verification of the above conditions, the Presidents may proceed to recognize the group as an EUMANS GROUP.

Each EUMANS GROUP can have a blog space on the website.


Art. 10 - EUMANS website and Activation Agreement

The website is a tool through which people can engage with the Movement and its goals. The Activation Agreement defines the rules for participation of registered users/activists, who have the right to be informed of, and involved in, the initiatives. The review of the Activation Agreement is initiated by a proposal of the Presidents and the favorable vote of the members by simple majority. It is based on a consultative and transparent process with the users/activists.


Art. 11 - Donations

The Association may receive donations, inheritances and legacies, also in the form of shares from and/or shares in companies, from individual persons, legal entities, associations, private and public foundations.


Art. 12 - Assets

The Association's assets are made up of: members' dues; contributions by individuals, associations, public and private bodies donated (and publicly documented) to achieve the social aims and objectives.


Art. 13 - Dissolution

The Assembly decides by majority votes on the ways and forms of the dissolution of the Association.

The allocation of the Association's assets is simultaneously approved by the same majority.


Art. 14 - Logo 

The organisation logo consists of a white lettered “EUMANS” standing out from a blue background. Nine yellow hands arranged in a semicircle frame the letter E of the word “EUMANS”


Art. 15 - General Rules

For anything not provided for in the Association Statute, being incorporated in Italy, the provisions of the Italian Civil Code shall apply.


Art. 16 - European Association

EUMANS aims to become a European Association as soon as EU rules will allow it.