Europe Week should be the start of a new season for European Democracy

Historically Europe Day is the day on which the European Union celebrate its past. And the roots of what had been often defined “a project of peace” after the conclusion of World War II. 

It is therefore intense and more important than ever celebrate this Europe Day with the goal of the immediate accession of Ukraine to the European Union - as we are campaigning for with the appeal EUkraine Now!


But at the same time, this is also an opportunity to connect all the fights for the protection and innovation of democracy. 


This year - more than ever - the European Union has the opportunity, or maybe the duty, to lay the foundation for the democratic leap forward that it is so needed. 

This year Europe Day will see the conclusion of the Conference on the Future of Europe, the participatory process that for the first time saw sortition based citizens panels contributing to the policy-making of the European Union, making recommendations on matters that impact the daily life of half a billion people in the EU.

But without the respect for the rule of law and the continuous strengthening of democratic instruments nothing will never change. 

Usually on Thursday we have our EUMANS weekly meetings, but this week there won’t me a meeting. This time we want to use this message to tell you where EUMANS activists will be in the next days - to offer you the possibility to meet other European citizens both online and offline: 

  • [ITALIAN] Friday 6th of May - in collaboration with the Politecnico of Milano Marco Cappato, Lorenzo Mineo and Andrea Salimbeni will be part of the event "Assemblee dei cittadini ora!", an opportunity for students and participants to experriment a deliberative democracy laboratory on the the issue of energy policy in Italy. You can register here
  • [ENGLISH] Saturday 7th of May - Virginia Fiume will be in Strasbourg to join the Strasbourg Summit and the March for Europe organised by the Federalists movements and dozens of civil society organisations for the conclusion of the Conference on the Future of Europe. Together with our partners of the coalition Citizens Take Over Europe we will present the event Convention for a people-powered Europe: The future of democratic participation” and in particular we will focus on the Open Letter for the to EU Presidents for a people-powered Euroepan Convention {}

And then we won’t stop: the week after EUMANS activists will be in Milano at the March for Europe on the 14th of May.  

Last but not least, thanks to the commitment of ECIT Foundation and Voters Without Borders European Citizens Initiative the EU SIGN DAY will happen also this year - activists will be in Bruxelles in Place Luxembourg to advocate for more information on the right of European Citizens to sign one or more European Citizens Initiatives. And like last year….there is no better day to sign one or more European Citizens Initiative and contribute to shape the European Union we want.