The future of Europe needs your body in action - and Ukraine in the EU

together, we can launch a strong message to the European leaders: it is important that the next EU Council in June positively welcomes  the request of Ukraine to join the European Union.

After almost 3 months since the launch of the war of aggression of Russia against Ukraine it is of utmost importance for the EU to do everything in its power to quickly create the conditions for a sustainable peace and to save lives.

Guaranteeing the status of “candidate” to the European Union to Ukraine is an essential step that the Heads of Government and State of the Member States can make - and we, the citizens and the residents of Europe, must raise our voice through the promotion of the appeal EUkraine Now!, to be delivered to EU leaders before their June summit. 

The European Parliament already voted a resolution to support the request of Pr. Zelenskiy back in March. The European Commission did everything in its power to create the conditions for formalising the request in record time.

Together with the Ukraine communities across Europe we will take over the streets on the 28th of May for synchronic action to launch a direct message: it is time to accept the candidate status for Ukraine. We can already confirm demonstrations in Bruxelles, Warsaw, Berlin, Vienna, and Naples and Capalbio in Italy - and with your help this call - that we launched with 28 Ukrainian students a few weeks ago - can become stronger and multiply in different cities. Reply to this email and announce your participation and invite your friends at the Facebook event, Have a look at this link an join an existing collection point or organise one in your city.

Some analysts and commentators say that the European Union is not ready for another enlargement. That its rule of law and democracy are already so fragile that guaranteeing access too quickly to Ukraine and the other candidates from the Balkans could be dangerous.  The usual suspects of the rule of law infringements - Poland and Hungary - are still very far away from protecting the rule of law and democracy. No country is perfect, by the way. Take Italy for example , with its endless trials and the numerous infringement procedures of the conditions of prisons.

But we are convinced that an enlargement to Ukraine and the Balkans now can have a double value: strenghten the geo-political role of Europe as the continent of peace and force all of us to put the protection of the rule of law at the center of the European integration process, both for those that are “in” and those who want to join.

If you want to support the 28th of May mobilisation - you can donate or you can join us Thursday 19th of May at 7 PM CET to meet other activits and learn how easy is to join the action (here is where you can get the link to join the call). We will have with us Oksana Bulda and Anna Melenchuk from the ngo Promote Ukraine.