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On this page, you can find all the meetings and events organized by HUMANS - paneuropean movement of popular initiative (some of them are Italian-only). All our meetings are public and open, with the exclusion of the Eumans Board Meetings. 

Thanks to the students of the Department of Interpretation and Translation of the University of Bologna it is possible to attend our meetings both in ITALIAN end ENGLISH. 

3rd November - 7 pm - 8 pm CET
A global appeal for carbon pricing - towards COP27 and beyond - the time for a new European Citizens Initiative

10th November  - 7 - 8 pm CET
General Debate on the way toward the European Elections and the activation of all instruments of participatory democracy for sustainable peace, freedom, and democracy

14th Novembre - 6 Pm - 8 Pm CET [SOLO IN ITALIANO - registrazione a questo link]
Riunione della Lista Referendum e Democrazia in Italia in vista delle prossime scadenze elettorali

17th of November 7 - 8 pm CET -
Sustainable Peace: proposals for EU reforms and connection with nonviolent activists

24th November - 7 - 8 Pm CET
Social Justice Issues: from the Unconditional Basic Income to Migration Policy - ideas for an agenda for pan European actions

1st December - 7 - 8 PM - CET
in collaboration with Citizens Take Over Europe - an analysis on the quality of the the follow up of the Conference on the Future of Europe and a crowdsourcing process for the design of a permanent European Citizens Assembly

15th December - 7 - 9 PM CET -
Eumans Member Assembly - Quarterly 

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All EUMANS Meetings are recorded and published on the EUMANS Youtube Channel. 

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