EUMANS Assembly - June 2022 - Final Statement and documents

EUMANS held its quarterly Assembly on the 28th of June. Below you find the final statement voted by the Assembly, the video recording link, and the documentation shared in preparation of the Assembly of the pan-European movement of popular initiative. 




The EUMANS Members Assembly on the 28th of June 2022 celebrates the decision of the European Council to vote in favour of the Candidacy Status for Ukraine and Moldova as a member state.

The decision to focus Eumans efforts on the goal of Ukraine accession to the EU as a first step for a sustainable peace and an enlargement of the European Union based on rule of law and democracy was defined by the EUMANS Congress in Warsaw.

Eumans - activating the collaboration with the Ukrainian diaspora and the NGO Promote Ukraine - continued to fullfilled its mission of being an opportunity for the people of Europe to directly act for the protection of their rights and the improvements of their lifes. 
The Eumans Assembly recognizes the importance of continuing the commitment of the movement - in the context of the coalition Citizens Take Over Europe - for an adequate follow up to the Conference on the Future of Europe. In particular, the Assembly stands for the launch of a European Convention designed around citizens' involvement and supports the proposals that came through the randomly selected citizens panels of the Conference on the Future of Europe, in order to increase the political legitimacy and dignity of participatory democracy instruments.

Stemming from the Conference on the Future of Europe methodology, the continuous activation of these type of Assemblies across Europe (last but not least the possibility of a Citizens Assembly in Ireland on the topic of the legalisation of cannabis), and the efforts in Italy on Cittadin3 per il Clima - the initiative for the institutionalisation of randomly-selected citizens Assembly in Italy for the activation of such an Assembly on Climate, Eumans members and activists decide to commit on:

- the planning of the first Italian self-organised citizens assembly in collaboration with other organisations and through the research of adequate funding
- the collaboration with MPs and MEPs to increase the collaboration with elected representatives for a successful implementation

Identify as a priority the relaunch of the initiative for the Global Carbon Pricing, in light of the vote of the European Parliament against some of the carbon pricing measures of the Fit for 55 Package and given the urgency of the ecological transition also in light of the war of aggression of Russia against Ukraine.

To guarantee the sustainability of the initiative in itself, the Eumans Members Assembly encourages the creation of the first EUMANS Group on the topic of sustainability, with a first mandate on the promotion of the actions at COp27 for a global carbon pricing.

The EUMANS Members Assembly identify the European Citizens Initiative on Cannabis Legalisation as the key pillar of the future action of the movement, for three main reasons:

- The recognition of antiprohibitionism as a framework to pursue the mission’s goals of EUMANS: freedom, democracy and sustainability
- The identification of cannabis regulation as the next hostage of the National Governments, and therefore the urgency of activating instruments of participatory democracy instruments involving activists from all the EU in all the steps for the creation of such a campaign clearly led by EUMANS
- The potential of the European Citizens Initiative for a successful collection of 1.000.000 signatures 

The EUMANS members Assembly recognizes that the analysis that led to the launch of the EU SIGN DAY in 2021 needs to urgently be raised again: all actions aimed to the increase the level of information on participatory democracy need to be pursued, with the goal of empowering citizens to use their own political rights and to transform “participatory democracy instruments” in impactful integration to electoral democracy.

Therefore the EUMANS Members Assembly agrees in:

- Continue the works on the format “Let’s activate democracy” to be presented in EU universities, on the model of the prototype initiatives carried on in Italian Universities;
- Verify the conditions for a funded project on information on participatory democracy instruments

The EUMANS Members Assembly recognizes the urgency of working on the economical sustainability of the movement - inviting all the members and the activists to contribute to a fundraising strategy.

EUMANS Members present in the voting session: 15
Votes in favour: 12 
Votes against: 0 
Abstention: 3 (not present during the voting session) 




The pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and the climate emergency are three fronts on which the need to strengthen political and democratic Europe has become evident. The limitation of the responses that have come so far - some of which are even quite significant -is that they remain predominantly an "affair" of national governments.
The people of Europe
are only indirectly involved.

EUMANS was born for this: to activate the tools of democratic participation in Europe to tap into the renewable energy of the intelligence and reason of the people of Europe. Emergencies are a good reason to activate this capital of energy, as opposed to deluding ourselves into thinking decisions to be taken by "the few".

The next quarterly Assembly of EUMANS members (which is still public and open to anyone) is convened on June 28th from 6 to 9 p.m. CET, and it will be possible to attend it in both Italian and English by registering at this link

The founding Congress of EUMANS in Warsaw had defined priorities in its general motion. 

In the text of the motion, you will find all the goals we set in Warsaw, but in particular, during the June 28 Assembly at 6 p.m. we will focus on:  

  • Sustainable peace initiatives starting with support for Ukraine's proposed accession to the European Union
  • The European Citizens' Initiative for the legalization of cannabis 
  • Strengthening European democracy and the rule of law beginning with the results of the Conference on the Future of Europe and on improving all instruments of participatory democracy 

On May 28, EUMANS co-organized together with Ukrainian communities 14 demonstrations in 14 European cities to call for Ukraine's candidacy in the European Union- a goal that directly concerns the people, not exclusively those who govern them

In the meantime, the Conference for the Future of Europe that concluded on May 9 indicated - albeit with fragile mechanization - crucial priorities on the issues of strengthening the rule of law, energy autonomy from non-democratic powers, and the introduction of new pan-European democratic instruments. 

It will be up to EUMANS and all of European civil society to press for these measures mapped out by the citizens' consultation not to be disregarded by European institutions but rather to be increasingly at the center of the design of democratic processes. 

It is crucial not to waste this opportunity to strengthen the project of a Europe that can live up to its promises of peace, freedom, and democracy. And at the same time strengthening EUMANS as a movement of popular initiative. To do so we need to understand what human and financial resources EUMANS needs to respond to its mission but also how to follow up on the reforms voted on at the Warsaw Congress starting with the possibility of launching EUMANS Groups and the movement's registry for the organization of Citizens' Assemblies drawn by lot. 

Let us know if you will be there by registering at this link and of course renewing your EUMANS membership if you haven't already done so. 

Marco Cappato
Virginia Fiume, Co-Presidents of EUMANS



- Statute of EUMANS 

- Who are the EUMANS and the board appointed after the Warsaw Congress 

- The general motion voted at the Warsaw Congress

- Insights into the initiatives for Eukraine Now 

- Insights into the European Parliament's vote on carbon pricing 



Kick off of the Assembly, Translation Set up, presentation of the Order of the Works
18.05 - 18.25
Introductory remarks by the Co-Presidents
Presentation of the Working Document for the Closing Statement
18.15 Limit to propose amendments in the Order of the Works and Regulation of the Assembly
18.25 - Vote on the order of the works
18.25 - 20.30 - General Debate open to Members, Activists registered on EUMANS Agorá, Observers, Invitees
20.30 - Deadline to suggest amendments to the closing statement and other documents by Members and Activists
20.30 - Voting on the closing statement and any other documents
20.45 - Final Remarks by the Co-Presidents and Agenda for the next meetings
21.00 - Close of the Assembly 



Voting Rights:

Orders of the Works and Regulation of the Works: only EUMANS Members can propose amendments, and vote
Closing Statement: only EUMANS Members and Activists who are subscribers of the Activation Agreement (Namely, registered users on EUMANS Agorá) can propose amendments and vote.

A list of Members and Activists is downloaded 120 minutes before the beginning of the Assembly and it is used as a reference to evaluate the voting and participation rights during the Assembly. 

Speaking Slots

The Assembly is public. However, different speaking slots and priorities are guaranteed.
- EUMANS Members and Activists registered on EUMANS Agorá: 6 minutes time
- Invited guests:  6 minutes
- Observers: 3 minutes