Citizens for unconditional basic income and services - Meeting 24/11 - 7 PM CET

The next EUMANS Meeting will be Thursday 24th of November from 7 PM to 8 PM CET on zoom (register at this link).
The meeting will be held in Italian and English with the presence of interpreters.

Together with Klaus Sambor, coordinator of the Unconditional Basic Income - European Initiative and EUMANS Member, we will explore how policies to guarantee money and services to all individuals in society. This form of assistance should be provided regularly, unconditionally and universally, in order to ensure needs for material existence and participation in society.

As part of the work of “building” EUMANS as paneuropean movement of popular and nonviolent initiative for democracy and sustainability, in 2021 we crossed our path with the citizens committee of this European Citizens Initiative (now “closed” in terms of collection of signatures, but in progress for a relaunch). 

The meeting will be an opportunity to discuss together with Klaus Sambor, Ulrike Sambor, Ali Mutlu Köylüoğlu and Angel Bravo the objectives of their initiative for the promotion of this universal welfare system, the results of the previous European Citizens Initiative (which collect over 200.000 signatures), and the potential cooperation on a new European Citizens Initiative as part of the initiative coordinated by EUMANS in 2023. This could be a good campaign to pave the way for a people’s powered program for the European Elections in 2024.