Recommendation to the Congress | EUMANS IN WARSAW

Our main objective is to fix the still existing EU democratic deficit by strengthening respectively the role of EU Citizens and of the European Parliament.

As far as EU Citizens are concerned by :

-        Updating before 2024 the EU rules on the EP electoral law by foreseeing notably the establishment of Transnational lists

-        Updating the EU legal Framework for European Political Parties and Foundations and by recognizing an European Statute for EU Wide associations

-        Legally Framing at EU wide Consultative Referendum

-        Strengthening the European Citizens Legislative Initiative by foreseeing that these initiatives should be formally submitted to the EP-Council, Co-legislator. In the same perspective Citizens should be allowed submitting to the co-legislator also amendments  to already pending legislative proposals

-        Publishing proactively legislative preparatory documents as required by art.15 TFUE and art.12 Of Regulation 1049/01. The same level of transparency should also be granted for National Measures implementing EU law and relevant national data.

-        By strengthening transparency also on non-legislative information/documents by framing the activity of the EU Institutions, Agencies and Bodies in compliance with the principle of good administration as required by art. 41 fo the EU Charter and by art.298 TFEU.  This information should notably make possible to assess if the EU administrative activity comply with the need of protecting and promoting EU values and fundamental rights

-        By recognizing as a general rule in the EU legislation the right of Civil Society Organisations to obtain judicial redress (at European and national level) on behalf of victims who may not have time or financial resources to afford a Court case.

As far as the European Parliament is concerned by

-        Associating the EP to the definition of measures falling in domains where such association is not yet foreseen as a co-legislator by the EU Treaty notably in policies such as the EU external security policy

-        Foreseeing that in domains already covered by the legislative co-responsibility of the EP also the relevant EU Strategies should be adopted in codecision with the EP (such as the Internal Security Strategy, the Schengen governance/evaluation, the Drugs strategy, the Police cooperation strategy -EMPACT…).

-        Establishing that Directors of EU Agencies should be jointly appointed by the Co-legislator who as created and framed each EU Agency

-        Adopting in co-decision according to art.298 TFEU, the EU legal Framework for EU Classified Information (EUCI) by also preserving the EP constitutional oversight role on the exchange of classified information with third Countries and international Organizations.