Rules of Procedure of the EUMANS



Article 1. Presidency and modalities of intervention

The assembly is chaired by the President and the Coordinator of EUMANS and their nominees.

Speeches in the general debate shall last 7 minutes for members of the association.

The presidency is entitled to give the floor to both members and guests and, if necessary, to observers.


Article 2. Voting rights

Members registered in 2022 who have paid their membership fees are entitled to vote.


Article 3. Participation, submission of documents, subscription and voting

Participation in the congress may take place in person or by audiovisual means via the online platform communicated on the website

The presentation of all the proposals referred to in the articles of these regulations shall be made by communicating them to the secretariat at and shall be made public on the association's website. 

The signing of each document can be done by indicating the document you wish to sign at

Voting on each proposal or candidacy is carried out exclusively on the ELIGO platform at the links made public on the official website with codes that will be sent to the email of each member.


Article 4. Order of business and regulations

The presidency shall make available the proposed rules of procedure and the proposed order of business at the beginning of the meeting.

Amendments to these proposals shall be submitted to the secretariat.

Each participating member may table only one amendment to each proposal. 

Amendments shall be explained by the proposers in speeches of no more than two minutes.


Article 5. Order of business and rules of procedure

Entries to speak shall be submitted to the secretariat by email to within the deadline set by the presidency. 

The Presidency shall draw up a general list of those entitled to speak.


Article 6. General motions and recommendations

The number of signatures required for the submission of documents and possible proposals for amendments to the statutes shall be calculated on the basis of the number of participants in the vote on the rules.

General motions sent to must be signed by at least 1/5 of the members referred to in the first paragraph. Each member may only sign one general motion. The Chair may submit a general motion directly.

Amendments to the general motion may be submitted by 1/5 of the members referred to in the first paragraph.

Recommendations must be signed by at least one tenth of the members referred to in the first paragraph.

Each document may be illustrated by one of the presenters in a speech lasting no longer than 5 minutes for general motions and 1 minute for recommendations. The chair shall read out the assembly documents and then give the floor for the presentation of general motions. The debate on the general motions opened after the presentation. The Chair put the general motions to the vote. The Presidency reserves the right to accept the recommendations presented, or to submit them to the next quarterly meeting.


Article 7. Amendments to the statutes

Any proposal to amend the statutes must be submitted in writing to the secretariat at by at least 1/5 of the members referred to in the first paragraph (and shall be approved by the majority laid down in the statutes) or by the Presidency. Each proposal shall be illustrated by a speech lasting no longer than 3 minutes. The Chair shall proceed to the vote after giving the floor for 2 minutes to one vote in favour, one against and possibly one abstention.


Article 8. Voting on the organs of the association

After the approval of the general motion, the election of the organs shall take place. Voting shall take place exclusively on the ELIGO platform. Once the vote is over, the Presidency reads out the results and proclaims those elected.