Thank you Sibilla for your activism for freedom and democracy

It is with deep sadness that we announce that Sibilla Barbieri, 58 years old actress and director, and one of the most active members of EUMANS died on the 30th of October 2023. 

Beside being a transnational activist for democracy and a co-creator of Eumans as a paneuropean movement of popular and nonviolent initiative Sibilla had been a cancer patient for 10 years, and did everything she could to access assisted suicide in Italy as per the Constitutional Court ruling. 

She was accompanied to Switzerland by Marco Perduca, former Italian Senator, and Vittorio Parpaglioni Barbieri, her son. They both self-reported alongside with Marco Cappato to the Italian Police in a civil disobedience action part of the initiative for the legalisation of the right to die in Italy, an initiative that is also supported by Eumans in the European Union through the output of the self-organised Transnational European Assembly on end of life decisions

Read the news about the action carried on by Sibilla Barbieri after being denied assisted suicide in Italy - Ansa English 

This is the last video by Sibilla Barbieri: 

Some of the interventions by Sibilla Barbieri during the EUMANS Meetings

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  • Quale Statuto per un movimento europeo di iniziativa popolare - 24th February 2022 - watch 1st intervention - watch 2nd intervention - watch 3rd intervention
  • Democracy denied in Italy and in the European framework - 17th February 2023 - watch
  • Partecipation to the Eumans Congress in Warsaw - preparatory meeting - 3rd february 2023 -  watch
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  • Un testamento biologico europeo - 13th January 2022 - watch 
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Words about Sibilla Barbieri

Beautiful and kind soul, your thought was always thorough and clean.
Every time you spoke I could see you shining, with your bright eyes, and your smiling heart.
Keep on shining, marvelous creature. (Paola Stringa) 

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