SOS European Citizens Initiatives - EUMANS Speakeasy - 25/2 - 6 PM CET


On Thursday 25th of February at 6 PM CET
the promoters of ongoing European Citizens Initiatives will meet with citizens and activists during the EUMANS SpeakEasy weekly date to discuss the need for ordinary and extraordinary measures of information about ongoing European Citizens Initiatives. And the actions we can take together and with other organisations and movements to ensure these proposals are listened to and evaluated by the European institutions and get full dignity in the political debate within the European public sphere. 

Can you imagine a European Union with more access to vaccines, an unconditional basic income, a strong anti-corruption policy, a price on carbon emissions and revenues for the ecological transition, environmental policies, digital rights and more political rights for EU citizens? 

"Where do I sign?" someone might say. 

Actually, you can sign on the websites of the 16 ongoing European Citizens Initiatives. Official Petitions to the European Commission (and the European Parliament) need to collect 1 million encrypted signatures to be officially discussed. However, the problem is that you and your friends - like the majority of the European Citizens - might not even know you can actually sign this European Citizens Initiative, as part of your political rights as a citizen of an EU Member State. And the promoters of this official instrument of participatory democracy need to face the daunting challenge of collecting signatures surrounded by the silence of the media and the "representative democracy" actors. 

You can register at this link to receive a Zoom link to attend the meeting. 

The meeting will kick off with a review of the letter that was sent to Vice Commissioner Vera Jourova on the 19h of February proposing "Ordinary and Extraordinary Measures of Information for Participatory Democracy"

These are the four request sent to Commissioner Jourova: 

  • Inform all EU Citizens through a direct mailing action about the ongoing European Citizens Initiative and the right of EU citizens to sign existing European Citizens Initiatives. This action could be done in the next 60 days considering the terms of the extension that you guaranteed to the existing ECIs.
  • Leverage the proximity of Regions and Municipalities to European Citizens and launch a call for the publicity of ongoing European Citizens Initiative on the model of what has been done by with the involvement of Municipalities with a local motion to commit them to actions of informations towards their citizens (adding European Citizens Initiative to the official website) reference: ECAS - Tapping into the potential of cities and regions to promote European participatory democracy and the fight against climate change.
  • Integrate into the negotiation around the Info Point new contracts measures to guarantee access to services and infrastructure that can help ECI promoters to scale the size of their outreach on the possibility to sign the ECI
  • Organise an online event targeted to local, national and EU media to inform them about the proposals of the European Citizens Initiatives and offer an opportunity for European journalists to cover adequately the political efforts carried on by the European citizens who don't belong to organised parties and large civil society organisations to impact the European public sphere and see their rights of participation fulfilled

And these are the European Citizens Initiatives that supported this request and will attend the meeting: 

Virginia Fiume - - A price for carbon to fight climate change European Citizens Initiative Coordinator and Coordinator of EUMANS

Marco Cappato - Promoter of  A price for carbon to fight climate change European Citizens InitiativeEuropean Citizens Initiative

Veneta Magistrelli - Representative, ECI “Stop corruption in Europe at its root, by cutting off funds to countries with inefficient judiciary after deadline

Nils Kluger - Spokesperson EU Citizens Initiative "Stop Finning - Stop the Trade"

Alexander Cornelissen - Spokesperson EU Citizens Initiative "Stop Finning - Stop the Trade"

Julie Stendaam - Coordinator of the European Citizens' Initiative Right to Cure

Tony Venables - Founder of ECIT Foundation and co-promoter of Voters Without Borders European Citizens Initiative

Sinead O’Keefe - co-coordinator of the Voters Without Borders European Citizens Initiative

Klaus SamborRepresentative of the Group of Organisers of the ECI "Start Unconditional Basic Incomes (UBI) throughout the EU"  

Ronald BlaschkeSubstitute of the Representative of Group of Organisers of the ECI "Start Unconditional Basic Incomes (UBI) throughout the EU"

Marco Ciurcina - president of Associazione GOIPE and representative of the group of organizers of  "Freedom to share" European Citizens' Initiative.

Gregory Engels - member of Associazione GOIPE and co-promoter of "Freedom to share" European Citizens' Initiative.

Thomas Eitzenberger - promoter of "Actions on Climate Emergency" - Fridays for Future European Citizens Initiative