Stop Intensive Farming

Farmers and breeders have recently mobilised to preserve the European fundings of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

However,  under the current system, the Comission is investing billions of euros to fund unsustainable intensive farming practices.

We appeal to all candidates running for the 2024 European Parliament elections to commit to the following three measures. They must be at the top of the EU agenda to reduce polluting emissions and overcome intensive farming in Europe, as denounced in the documentary Food For Profit.

  • Stop (direct and indirect) subsidies to intensive farming: we ask for the immediate exclusion of intensive farming from the beneficiaries of CAP subsidies, and the extension of the emissions trading system to agriculture by 2028: the massive footprint of intensive farming should result in a higher taxation for agriculture under the European Emissions Trading System (ETS). Importation of products from intensive farms in third countries that do not provide adequate guarantees in terms of environmental sustainability and animal condition should also be limited;

  • Establish a plan for the conversion of intensive farms, through a moratorium on new intensive farms;

  • Convene a European Civic Assembly to define a sustainable agricultural policy: we believe that a European Civic Assembly focused on the CAP is necessary to address the distribution of public subsidies to intensive agriculture and promote the transition to sustainable farming practices.

Let's stop allocating European funds to an industry that pollutes the planet and mistreats animals.

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Photo taken from the documentary Food For Profit by Giulia Innocenzi